Homedics Shiatsu Air Max Foot Massager with Heat


Finally, a pain-relief solution for your feet that’s not just full of hot air. The Shiatsu air Max foot Massager with Heat offers 2Massage styles to send you to rare heights of comfort. Choose deep-kneading rolling massage for unparalleled relaxation after a long day of standing or walking. Or, use the rhythmic air compression massage setting to alternate gentle squeezing and relaxation, helping coax out pains and Aches and to have you feeling like yourself again. And, thanks to the massager’s adjustable air intensity feature, you’re firmly in charge of just how firm (or gentle) said squeezing gets. Up the ante on your comfort by activating the soothing heat that helps neutralize aches and discomfort. Need to adjust the controls? Toe-touch controls let you easily Tweak your settings by foot to avoid bending down and straining your back. (One aching body part at a Time, please.)

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